Heavy Lift Cargo Vessel Theme Park Ride Removal
Ship Agency From MV.DOULOS
(The World Largest Floating Book Shop)
in 2007
Mooring Bouy
Ship Agency For Navy Vessels Receiving 250ton Crawler Crane Body
Anchore Handling Tug &
Accommodation Work Barge
85ton Turbine & 90ton Generator at
Temporary Storage Area
Receiving 100ton Modules at Port 60ton to 100ton Modules at
Jack Down at Temporary Storage Area
90ton Generator Roll Off Operation From Barge at
Muara Port
Oversize Cargo Plem Lifting (75ton)
Loading Pipes For Project Installation Shifting Printing Machines for Export
Transport 60ton Transformer Moving Exhibition Cargoes for Bridex 2007
Unstuffing Sports Car Warehouse
(Racking & Electric Forklift)
Relocation of Boat Discharging of 75ton Loading Arm
Unstuffing Cargoes From Container Receiving Over-Sized Cargo at Wharf
Vessel Clearance Transport 50ton Transformer
Unloading Cargoes at Site Unload Transformer Onto Foundation